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Motor Caravan Selection
With the pandemic, alternative vacations, as the most attractive and favorite choice, "caravan" vacation, caravan rental, or want to own a caravan has increased a lot.
However, with this "request", questions are started to be asked so that I can consult the caravan owners, that is, "an expert", who enters the caravan world a little, does a little research on the Internet, and then, because of the information pollution in the virtual world, I hope for help from social media.
In this case, too, the issue of "how to ask the question" comes into play.
"One Knows" answers questions such as "I'm thinking of buying a motorhome, what would you recommend?"
The one who asked the question is surprised by saying "Hoppalaa".
Hold on!
Don't be impatient right away.
Since you have entered this love of camping and caravans, have a little patience, please!
Almost the same, filled with miniature furniture, escaping from modern life, integrating with nature, resting your soul, resting your mind, peace is not that far away.
But do you know how many people want to recharge their batteries but still fail to do so in very modern vehicles?
And when you see the caravan prices, if you have a low budget, all enthusiasm is lost.

While the cost of the caravan should actually be "relative" to the "budget" of those who will own it, when manufacturers are examined, the fact that it is put into "package" terms such as "entry", "standard", "luxury", "ultra luxury" puts enthusiasts in a lot of financial and moral trouble. stings.

In addition to competent and competent manufacturers who do their job in the sector, manufacturers and transformational people or companies that can be called "under the stairs" damage people's dreams by not delivering on the promised time.
Within the caravan eco system that has formed, they sell foreign currency indexed materials and equipment separately from their vehicles with high profits as if they were the seller, and they earn separately from exorbitant labor and workmanship.
Moreover, with hearsay information.
Using unconscious materials and equipment.
Vehicles, on which people pour a lot of enthusiasm and money, cause troubles and problems in their first vacation and trip.
There are even those whose caravan burns on the first trip.
You said it would be helpful, you've read this far, I've blacked out your heart.

But be patient.

First of all, the advantage of the caravan is that the O1 class caravan is not taxable.
The second advantage is to be able to travel to the market by car, to the market, to the market, to the market, when you separate it at the campsite.

These are caravans that weigh less than 750kg.

Here are the bitter facts about trailers.

The fact is that very few of the O1 caravans sold as O1 certified are lighter than 750kg.
Unfortunately, most of them are over 1000kg, but for 750kg of axle and chassis and coupling used in manufacturing.
1- Although 750 kg is declared, these vehicles weighing 1000 kg are unfortunately not suitable for traffic.
2- Axle bends in bumps.
3- Anyone who buys a trailer can't think of taking it out and weighing it before making a payment and/or they can't come to this position when buying. However, those who say they want to get on the scale before making a payment are not harmed.
4- When the bottom of most of the trailers is close to the ground, it is very difficult to maneuver back, so it may be necessary to take it apart, turn it manually and put it back on.
5- Most of the time, the brakes are self-squeezing when reversing.
7- Caravans over 750 kg class O2 and license plate registration is obligatory, and inspection is mandatory with the vehicle every year.

You should be able to answer the following questions when choosing a Motor Caravan.

1- How many people will use it? How many adults, how many children?
2- In which period will it be used? On the weekends? During the summer holidays? Long vacations for months? Or is it all life in a trailer?
3- Where will you make your accommodation? Campgrounds? Wild nature? Or a world tour on the road?
4- Do all family members agree on caravan life? Individuals who will make crackling sounds and malfunctions may lose the peace.
5- Will you be able to adopt the minimalist life? You will live in the caravan with limited means. Space, electricity, water are limited. It is difficult for those who are used to living comfortably and abundantly.
Your answers to these questions and your choice of vehicle will enable you to make correct decisions such as the size of the vehicle, model, engine power, traction capability.
The cost issue will also arise accordingly.
Because caravan equipment selection will help you to make a design according to your budget by making the right and accurate decision on factors such as brand and quality, prices, solutions to your needs.
Please remember, "what is enough for you is the best and most luxurious for you.
Another issue is this, the end of the road taken with admiration is frustration.
Because the interior design and equipment determined by someone else or a company will be enough for you and how happy will it be?
Even on your first holiday, there will be missing and excess arrivals. You will also have to make modifications. This situation will make you "material" and "spiritual" tired.
However, if it is produced for you, designed according to your tastes and wishes according to your outlook on life, it reflects your personality and character.
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